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Water Removal - Foundation & Basement Repairs

EJN is now certified for water removal from your home and is qualified to make repairs as a result of water damage.  We are dedicated and would like to assist you with basment flooding, clean-up, and storage with furniture and other items if needed.  Please call as soon as you notice substantial water penetration and we can assess you situation and make suggestions that can help you avoid this situation in the future.

We can also install sump pumps, French drains, and re-direct down spouts on your gutter system to help keep water away from the perimeter of your foundation.  Sometimes, the solution might be as simple as re-grading some areas that come in contact with the foundation of you home.  This can only be accompolished with a trained eye, and we have an expert on staff to do exactly that.

For large amounts of water penetration (several feet - have seen 5 ft. of water in basements), we have high speed pumps to remove the water before it causes foundation damage.  There is a prescribed method for removing this water that is also very important to prevent foundation damage.

We can also make minor repairs to fouondation cracks to assist in this effort to keep water out.  With a trained eye, we can see a lot of things that you might not think of in order to keep water out of your home.  You should also be aware that if water continues to penentrate your foundation without removal, mold can grow and possibly make you or family members sick.  We must also inform you that we have been very surprised that some homeowners take mold growth very light, not realizing that some mold is dangerous and can really make you sick.

Obviously, we have no intention of causing undue alarm, but this is quite a serious problem.  If you notice mold in your home, please stay away from it, and call in the professinals for cleaning.  We have the recommended chemicals, air cleaners, and body suits needed to handle most mold situations.  Yes, we can help, just call us for a free estimate.


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