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Siding, Soffits, Gutters & Downspouts

This siding and soffit job was completed on a nice house in Annandale.  Pic below shows new soffits, and new 6 inch gutters that was recently installed.  The roof has a little age on it, so there was no need to replace the roof at this time.

The siding is Oddssey by Alside and the color is a nice wheat.  It is not insulated, but excellent siding and is thicker and more durable than many other ones on the market.  The house has four bedrooms and a full base-ment and the siding and gutter job was completed in a week.  The owners are very pleased with the job and is also a reference for us now.  Thinking about siding for your house now?


Pictured below is a photo of new vented soffits that were installed on our Annandale, VA. project.  The soffits are ultra white vinyl and replaced wood, and should go a long ways the help this houuse "breathe."  when the house breathes, it will stay cooler in the summer, and the air inside will be a little fresher and healthier.  Many older homes in our area don't have vented soffits, but I would highly recommend them to help make your house more comfortable and energy efficient.


The photo below shows a side view of the same house with new siding, windows, and a new rectangular vent at the top of the house.  This also helps the house to breathe and promotes a healthy and efficient atmosphere inside.  At the same time, we install all new rake boards at the top because the old ones had seen their best days.  The rake boards were paint ultra white to match the smaller soffits underneath.  They also help to give the house a "finished" look and adds a lot to the home appearance.



 Pictured below is a rear view of the house showing new siding, gutters and windows that were installed on the back by the rear deck.  The deck was already there, but the homeowners did get it powerwahsed and stained while we were there.  This will help to preserve it for years to come and the owners can just enjoy it without worrying about the weather taking its toll on the rear deck now.  They use it for cookouts and relaxing in the Spring and Summer when it it not too hot!


 Pictured below is a shot of the new siding, along with new soffits, gutters and downspouts that just gives you another side view of this house.  New energy efficient windows were installed in the whole house (19 each), and now it is much quieter we were told.  The windows were made by Simonton and are double hung, double insulated, and have Low-E argon gas to give them maximum insulation value.  This is an excellent addition to this home because the owners will get a energy packback over time, not to mention that the house is a lot more comfortable now because they keep the cold air out, and the heat inside. 

The older windows that were replaced were just not as efficient because technology was just not as good when they were manufactured.  Now with new technology, you get a bigger bang for your buck.  If you notice more draft and noise coming through your older windows, now might be a good time to replace them.  An added bonus is that the Simonton windows have a Lifetime Warranty at no extra charge.  They are also easy to wash since you can raise them up, flip them inside, wash them and put them back inside the track.  What's not to love?  They also come with half-screens so that you can let in fresh air sometimes, and leave all of the bugs outside where they belong.


Pictured below the opposite side view of the house showing new siding, gutters and downspouts, new windows, and a new vent and rake board at the top of the house.  Now that you have seen the whole house with new windows and all the trimmings, it should give you a pretty good idea what your house might look like with the same items installed.  Now, our homewowners in Annandale won't have to worry about any repairs for a long, long time.




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