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Painting, Drywall, Plaster & Wall Repair

As you probably know, painting and drywall repair an important part of finishing most   jobs.  If we build a new 2x4 stud wall and add drywall, it must be finished by adding "mud" (sand as needed) and tape to close and seal the joints in the drywall, prime the drywall, and finally add paint (usually two coats).  Like our other work, we take pride in this process because it will reflect on the end product, and is what you will probably see every day.

The real challenge is showing a paint job in photos and with pictures.  Unfortunately, it is difficult to show the quality of our painting work, and difficult to show true colors on the web in general.  Another problem is that we don't always have a chance to get before and after photos, as our first priority is to complete as best as we can, and then take photos is we get a chance.  We trust that you will understand this process and at least let us give you a quote.  We would also like to remind you that a professional paint job normally outshines an amateur paint job two to one.

One of the reason for this is imperfections in both the drwayll and the process that paint goes through from the application, to drying smoothly on your walls.  Our painters do this almost every day and are most familiar with what it take to do a quality paint job.  Even though they are excellent, it is sometimes difficult to have every wall perfect because of imperfections.

Here are some photos that should help you some idea of the type of work we do.  Of cours, we paint interiors as well as exteriors on a regular basis.  All walls were prepped prior to painting (spackled, holes filled, and sanded as required to get a smooth surface prior to putting on final coats.

 Pictured below - Family room with Light rose colored walls with new vinyl windows w/grids installed at same time.  Walls were originally white.  Homeowner selection. Burke whole house remodel.  Keep in mind with substantial color changes, 3-4 coats may be required.  Since this color was light, only 3 coats were used.  Some darker colors require 3-4, otherwiese, lighter color may show through.

  Same color pictured below in another part of the family room in Burke.

 Pictured below - Orange extraction in guest bedroom on second floor in Burke. Walls were originally white.  We used 3 coats to make the change.


 Daughter's bedroom pictured below. Same organge extraction in Burke.  New bi-fold closet doors installed at the same time.  Alsu used dark brown accet walls in several areas in the bedroom as well.  New beige carpet installed by our company after painting also.


  Pictured below accent walls with dark brown color and orange extraction.  Yes it took a little nerve, but this color was selected by a teenager who had no reservations about making her room a little different.  We don't jude the colors, just paint the walls unless there is a clash with colors for some reason.

  Same roof with closet painted with new bi-fold doors installed.


 Living room painted in Springfeild, nice mild color with excellent flavor!  Color was orginially desert dust (sort of an off pink).  Designer color selected by homeowners.


Bedroom painted two toned selected by family member in Springfield, VA.  Walls were rosewood and customer selected bright colors to add flair to the makeover.


 Single rooom painting in Alexandria.  Color was white and homeowner decided to brighten the family room up a little.  Family room is much larger, but this shows the true color better.  This one only took two coats.


 Another teen-selected color in Chantilly, but again, we don't judge.  This was her favorite color and mom could not deny her since she got excellent grades in school.  I am sure that this room is pretty cozy.  It took one coat of primer and two coats of the bright blue to get here.

Pictured below - same family home, but the son's room this time.  He decided not to be outdoned by his sister, so mom and dad could not deny him.  I was told that he was a pretty good kid, and this color is one his favorites as well.  Same process here.

New six panel door was installed with this renovation, and paint was a off beige.  Nice mild color, and door opens from master bedroom into the second floor hall.  Yes, we install doors, windows, shelves, and more.  General contractors must do many things, and 20 years experience helps us to do it well.


Pictured below - bathroom storage cabinet - dark brown accent walls and black on sides w/new 6x6 ceramic tiles installed in shower.  Walls originally white - part whole house remodel in Burke.  Yes, we installed the storage cabinet pictured here.  Customer purchased it from Lowe's and we installed.


  Painted medium blue - Originally white - Burke Whole house remodel


 First floor living room - Dark Mustard now - originally white - Manassas Park.  We painted the whole townhouse of three floors, but most of it was this same color, except the basment show in the next picture below.  Not bad if you ask my opinion!


Basement shown below with a neat corner fireplace.  Beige now - orignally white - located in the lovely Manassas Park. 

 Large family room in Burke whole house remodel.  We added 3 recessed lights over the fireplace, painted the ceiling white, and the walls as well.  Customer decided to add an overhead remote control fan later.  No problem, as that is part of our job.


French door installed and master bedroom painted in Arlington.  Not 100% sure about the color, but you can decide.  What's wrong with this picture?  Nothing, customer had not selected the door hardware when it was taken.  Can't blamd her, lots of nice choices out there.

 Exterior Painting - Ultra white paint on old garge doors - Annandale, VA.  Garage doors were repaired prior to painting with a quality exterior paint.  We used two coats, and also add gutters and downspouts to this nice home.  You can see it, but the gutter boards were repalced along with sanding and painting of trim, and boards below the gutters.  Customer told me she was very pleased and saved a bunch by not replacing the doors at this time.  Same color was used this time. 

  More  phots to come later as we update our pages.  Hope you have a great year!


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