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Mold Cleaning/Removal

If you have a mold problem, it is time to call in the professional since certain types of mold can be toxic and make you sick.  EJN has a certified Mold Techincian  on staff and can definitely help you with your mold problems.  Not only will we clean the mold from your home or buisiness, but we can make all necessary repairs as well.

Water Damage Certification

EJN General Contractor is equipped to handle any and all of water damage and home repairs caused by Hurricane Irene. EJN can pump out your basement, extract water from carpets, remove damaged hardwood or laminate flooring,  drywall, carpet if necessary, furniture etc  After basements/other rooms have been dried out, we can come back later to basically restore your basement/other rooms to their original condition.  Yard and home cleanup is also part of this service.


EJN has been in business for more than 24 years and you can count on us for fair pricing and fair dealing.  We have experience teams that will do everything they can to help you get back to a normal life. We also work with some insurance companies after your work/job has been approved by a claims agent. As you probably know, standing water in your basement will lead to mold if not removed and the basement subsequently dried out.  If that happens, we can assist you with the next step, mold removal.


EJN is also certified in water removal and has a Certified Mold technician on staff, the right equipment to do the job and is licensed and insured for your piece of mind. We will come out and inspect your water damage and other problems, find a solution and then bring out a crew to help make your house water and "mold free" and clean of those pesky organisms that can leave black spots on your wall and other surfaces, and basically make you and your family sick. If you remove water quickly, mold will have time to grow on your walls, furniture and other surfaces.

After cleaning, we sanitize and come up with a recommendation that will help keep you mold free for some time to come. We are experts at wall removal, finding mold and replacing drywall as needed, and finally paint to restore your room(s) to it's original condition after it is “certified mold free.”  Keep in mind that every home is a little different and we will make a number of recommendations that will prevent mold and mildew growth in the future. We are licensed and insured for your protection.

As always, we will give you a free estimate and be fair and reasonable. Don't take a chance with damage to your structure and your family's health and call us to see if you do indeed have water penetration and/or mold problems. For a free estimate call us today at 703-371-7282, and consider your water damage and problems gone!  You can also email us if necessary at: builder727@comcast.net



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