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 A big part of our services is remodeling and renovating kitchens and baths.  We have a lot of experience and you can count on us to add just the right "magic" touch that you have been looking for, maybe for a long time.  Now, when you see beautiful cabinets and countertops, you can picture those in your kitchen, like you can with beautiful new whirlpool tubs, ultra modern sink, and a host of new bathroom fixtures.  Yes, we can do it all for you!

Kitchen Remodeling

 Full view of kitchen in Chantilly, VA.  Customer selected all items.

 View of double sink, under cabinet lighting and stainless steel fixtures.


 Right side of kitchen by window with granite countertops.

 Another kitchen that was done in Fairfax with granite countertops and gold fixtures in the sink which was undermounted with granite.  This kitche also features recessed lights and a ceramic tile floor. 

 Left side of a remodeled kitchen where we added a small granite counter with upper & lower cabinets for household glasses and othe extras. 



Custom Showers & Baths

 A big specialty at EJN is custom showers and bathrooms.  We have some great ideas on custom showers and bath and can often include your design and really make your custom shower quite special.   For custom showers, we can make the shower a simple box, or a nice rectangle to give you more roof if needed.  If you really need something special, we have several professional baths "idea" books that you can take a look at for ideas on design and layout. In any case, we build exactly what you need.

We can also design a special shower for seniors or those with disabilities, with large doors, a extra room to get a wheelchair inside the area, if needed and other considerations as needed. Overall, our goal is make the custom shower very, very "user" friendly.  When designing a custom shower, you pick out the tile for the walls and floor, you select the faucets and doors, and we do the rest to make the project both functional and appealing.


 Note the nice border at the top of this custom shower which is 8x12 ceramic tile with a nice bullnose at the top.  The dimensions are approx. 4x5 ft. which provides ample room for a nice one comfortably, or two if the couple are friendly.


In the photo above is a nice whirlpool tub with eight jets and and 2 ft. of tile around the whole perimeter to the whirlpool tub. customer selected the tub and the tile and we installed all to complete this part of the bath.  You can see more of this bath which has a 60 vanity in the other room along with some other nice feautures in our special section on baths and powder rooms. 






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