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Hardwood Floor Refinishing

Do you have hardwood floors that need refinishing and new life?  At EJN, we specialize in bringing older tired floors back to life.  While we can't do miracles, with a reasonable amount of work and "know how", we can bring most old.  

 Steps to restoring/refinishing your hardwood floor.

Step 1

First we replace damaged wood as needed.  Then we medium sand floor as required.  This will depend on the condition of your floor, as some floors can start with a fine sand as the case might be.

Step  2

After replacing needed boards on this floor, we began our initial sanding.  Based on the condition of this floor, we used a nice medium grade sanding disc to take off the right amount of the top of the damaged hardwood floor.  After that, we use a fine sanding disc to make the amount of hardwood removal just right before we clean up the dust and debris.


 Step 3 & 4

Then we vacuum up all the dust and debris before using a tack rag to clean up fine particles that might not be picked up by the vacuum.  Afterwards, may apply a stain to make the floor the same color it was before, or some customers may want to change the color some.  Then we apply one coat of polyurethane sealer to seal the hardwood.  If the sealer is soaked up, it might require another coat before we can put the final coats of finish on top.  The sealer must dry before we add any coats of finish on top of it.

Step 5

Once we are satisfied that the floor is properly sealed, we start the application of the final coats of polyurethane sealer.  The sealer is desinged to coat the hardwood so that it will reisist scuffing, scratching, and light water or liquid spills (must sooned be cleaned up or they can cause stains).   After drying time in between coats, we can ascertain that the right amount of finish has been used to give you a high lustre.  Keep in mind that all hardwood floors are different and that each one will vary as to the amount of shine or lustre that the floor has.  We can also sand and refinish steps to give them new life as well. 


 Here we made the floor a little darker in the kitchen as the customer desired.  In most cases, it is better to keep all rooms the same color for consistency.  The choice is yours of course, and it saves money to have just one color of stain applied.

 Obviously, there are some variations to the process, but it basically the way we do hard wood floor to bring them back to life and give you more years of service.  The ultimate price will depend on the condition of your floor and what process we will have to take to restore them to an acceptable condition.

 Steps - Refinishing

Steps can be refinished just like your floors.  They are just a little more time consuming and more difficult to work on.  The final results will be just like your floors, however.


We can quicklyl give you an estimate for your hardfloor refinishing once we see the condition of it.  Hardwood floors vary a great deal from house to house, so your floor must be price individually.  Sorry, it is not possible to quote the price or this process on the phone.  Thanks for calling EJN General Contractor for your hardwood floor refinishing.

 Installing New Hardwood Floors

We also install new hardwood floors just in case you may not want to refinish the hardwood floors that you have, or you just might want to add hardwood to an area where you don't have them now.  Either way, we would like to be your contractor and have a lot of experience installing new hardwood floors, as well as many other types of floors like ceramic tile, vinyl tile, marble, terrazo and others stone and artificial surfaces.  Just give us a quick call and we will come out for a quick estimate.

Hard wood floors on second floors installed on Nelson Street in Arlington.    


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