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Bathrooms, Powder rooms & Shower stalls

EJN is well versed in installing complete bathrooms, shower stalls, powder rooms and even handicapped baths with wide doors, for those with special needs.  We can custom build your bath to include a nice whirlpool tub, custom shower designed for your needs (you decide on width, shower doors, tile color, vanity and more). 

Pictured below is a large whirlpool tub with a built-in seat and lots of jets for a soothing massage that we recently installed in a neat home is Arlington, VA.  The customer selected the whirlpool tub, fixtures and the number jets, and we did the install.  Keep in mind that an "inline heater" is a must for most any whirlpool, so make sure you include it when you work on your budget for a new whirlpool.

 Pictured below is a newly installed vanity with a nice top and Delta faucet.  This vanity was selected by the customer and installed by EJN.  Sink has a single lever chrome faucet, with a "deep dish" bowlThe cabinet is made of special wood and the sink is a little oversize and just right for a quick wash up or  whatever you need to do. 

Below you can see two storage compartments in the black vanity to store bathroom or personal items that you might use on a regular basis.  Obvioulsy, your selection would be your personal choice, but you can have many, many options these days.  Some other homeowners would opt for a more traditional look, but we recommend that you venture out a little and get something new and different.  I am convinced that neat bright bathroom fixtures can add a little zest to your bathroom experience and make it just a little more enjoyable, especially since they are used nearly several times a day.

We will show also you a number of other choices in expanded pages on our site.  Keep in mind that there are single vanities, double vanities, and even more selections with custom vanities now available.  Vanity installtion is easy for us if your plumbing is up to date and we don't have to make too many modifications to get your vanity to fit in a specific place.  


On the left is an classic old style vanity. Right - New modern style vanity installed installed in Arlington in a traditional  in whole house remodel.

 The style is up to you, and we are pleased to install your favorite when you decide. Not only will remodeling your bathroom or powder room add value to the resale of your home, but think about how much commfortable it will be to take a shower in your new bathroom!


 This is a photo of a custom shower built from scratch in Chantilly, Virginia.  Home owners selected 6" square wall tile in a nice light tan tile they purchased from Lowe's.  We then suggested that they add a nice border at the top with a neat diamond "inset" small tiles that will highlight this stand up shower.  Homeowners decided to make it a little roomier than the typical 3x3' size, and opted for 4'x4' for a little more space.  Some of you might even consider a shower seat made of tile as well.

This would be especially good for those who would like to relax in the shower with a little added steam or just plain hot water from down your body after a long stressful day.  If you have the room, take advantage of it by increasing the size of your customer shower a little.  Trust me, with EJN, it won't break the bank.

 Here's a photo of a nice small powder room installed for a favorite customer in Burke.  The was part of a whole house remodel and the customer selected this nice vanity from Home Depot.  They elected a to use a dark brown vanity top, white vanity, white floors accented by a white floor with 12" ceramic tiles, and black walls (semi-gloss paint).  Nice choice for the guests and the young ones in the family.


 Pictured above is a standard 60" white porcelain bathtub.  Don't think we will ever get away from these as they are very practical and will go the distance for longevity.  Many will be in homes for 25-30 years or more, and can be used for showers, long baths, quick wash and a great "little pool" for the little ones.  Just make sure they are supervised as accidents can happen!  This bathtub was installed along with the 6" square ceramic tile surrounds in the whole house remodel we did in Burke, Virginia.  The house had two nice bathrooms and a neat powder room as well.

Pictured below is a beautiful custom shower with a brushed nickel rainfall shower head brushed nickel body jets, wand on a sliding bar and nice decorative tile border along with an wall inset designed to hold shampoo and other items.  This bath was done in Herndon and also features piped in music, deluxe lighting and a host of other features.  Obviously, it was a large deluxe bathroom that the customer had envisoned for years.


 Same bathroom pictured below with a neat storage cabinet installed by EJN to store all of the makeup goodies used by this savy homeowner.  The cabinet was purchased at Lowe's and has ample storage space to handle most items the homeowner needs.  It was installed in place of a medicine cabinet, which seems to going by the wayside these days.  The decision is yours, but this is a very good option and has much more usable space. We recommend them highly.  The bottom of the cabinet is open so that you can place fequently used item on it for quick pick up. 


 Customer opted for a standard 60" porcelain tub because of space limitations.  A nice whirlpool would have been great, but there was little roof and modifications would have been a little expensive.  Customer selected a single faucet for hot and cold water controls.  This is the same bath that used the black vanity above.


 The master bathroom pictured below has neat 6x6 tile installed with a gold single lever faucet.  Since the tiles were not glossy, we sealed them to make it easier to clean.  The tub is the same shown above, but the bath has a different style and flavor than the other two in the same home.

 New glossy 6x6 tiles were installed in the small bath room selected by the customer. 


New 60" vanity purchased by customer and install by EJN.  Vanity has two bowls (not shown) for use by husband and wife who wants their permanent spaces for daily use in the master bath.  Customer loves the color and it fits right in with their bathroom scheme.


Custom shower/Vanity & more

Custom shower build for a regular customer in Annandale VA. Customer selected the tile and fixtures and they were expertly installed by EJN. They also chose an accent wall to give the bath a little "pop" and have it fit right in with the vanity and other items in the hall bathroom.



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