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24 Hour Emergency Service - Call 571-221-5564

 The following emergency services are now available for those in need of immediate help:

-Frozen & burst pipes, flood damage, water shutoff

-Leaking roof, roof damage from tree or wind

Roof had a slow leak over bedroom               Before repair was made - slow leak damaged

After repair - no leaks customer said             Heavy rains produced slow leaks constantly

-Overflowing washing machines, clogged drains

-Leaking water supply pipes

-Shower/Bathtub not working

-Emergency pluming repairs

-Emergency electrical repairs/shutoff in home service due to flooding etc.

-Board ups due to fire/smoke damage or wind damage

-Lights out in home (not due to area power outage)

-Break-in damage repairs (installatlion of new door locks, windows, locks re-keyed etc.)

-Gutter overfloow causing flooding in yard and home

-Basement taking on water due to gutters and downspouts overflowing

-Broken windows that need emergency board up/later replacement

-Emergency snow/ice removal from sidewalks and driveways

  Old damaged garage doors - Reston, VA 

    Replaced with new style garage doors

-***Note - Heating & cooling, hot water heater,applicance services not available.  We cannot act as a locksmith and get you in your home or auto if you are locked out as well.*** 

Emergency services billed at extra charge and we must bill for a service call if we get a "false alarm" and no service is performed.  Sorry, We cannot estimate your services on the phone since we need to see the scope and requirements of your job.  Your job might also require parts which must be determined at the time of service.

Our goal is to be fair and reasonable, and help new and existing customers for a true emegency.  If the above services can be performed during normal business hours, we suggest that you call between 8 am - 6 pm.  Nights, holidays, and  Sunday  calls are deemed emergency and must be billed as such.  Payment is expected at the time of service and cannot be billed unless prior arrangements are made in advance.

For emergency services:

Please call EJN General Contractor -571-221-5564 - 24 hours a day

Keep in mind that our normal working hours are 8-6 Monday - Saturday and we can perform many standard services during that time.  Emergency repairs may be started during emergency hours, but related work may be completed during normal business hours. That work will be billed at our normal rate.  For your information, here are some related handyman services that can be completed in non-emerbency hours:

-Installing/Replacing windows or doors (may need to be ordered)

-Cleaning gutters

-Building a 2x4 stud wall

-Removing appliances, bathroom fixtures, ceramic tiles

-Removing hardwood floors

-Connecting a washing machine/dryer

-Installing vanities, shower heads, bathtubs, toilet seats

-Installing appliances, kitchen cabinets

-Painting, plaster and tile work

-Moving heavy furniture or other items

-Building decks and sheds

-Installing new sidewalks and driveways

-Installing new lights, smoke alarms or new electrical outlets

-Installing a Loft ladder

-Clean and recoat decking

-Installing shelves, building a new closet

-Ask about other services that are too numerous to list on this page.  Thank you for using EJN General Contractor. 

For non-emergency services, please call 703-371-7282 - Monday - Saturday 8 am 7 pm Free estimates are available for our Northern Virginia clents.  You can also email us if your prefer at:  builder727@comcast.net

EJN is licensed and insured for your peace of mind.  References availabale upon request.



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